Paglano for piano

Learn to identify notes fast

(without piano stickers)

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Paglano for piano

Paglano for piano is a very simple shooting game, designed to accelerate your ability to identify notes in a fun way.

All you have to do is... shoot notes. And automatically you learn to identify notes very fast. Play Paglano for piano whenever and wherever you want!

Reading music becomes much easier.

Read music fast

A little warning: Paglano is not intended to teach you all aspects of reading music! Far from that. The only thing you learn by playing Paglano regularly, is that you almost instantly know where to find the notes on your piano. And this skill will greatly help you stay motivated to practice and learn more.

Piano stickers?

Some people use piano stickers to speed things up. In the beginning that may seem smart. But the step to play without piano stickers often becomes an unnecessarily big one after a while.

Many experienced piano teachers therefore strongly advise against the use of piano stickers!

If you play Paglano for piano regularly in the beginning, the use of piano stickers becomes completely unnecessary...

'How to play' in short...

1. Choose 'play' or 'train'

Play or train

2. Touch the right key to shoot the note

Your new piano app?

3. Check your new score


Piano lessons

Preferably you play Paglano for piano in combination with your regular (online) piano lessons or other more comprehensive e-learning apps.

But if you want to play this game before that, it can give your future learning a smart and good head start!


The first level is pretty easy to play and free so you can give it a try.
 Later on, you can decide to get all the other levels in Paglano Premium.
Maybe not a very difficult decision, if you compare the very low price with all the time you can gain while practicing.


Paglano is available in: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.