How to play Paglano

Paglano is a shooting game. Playing the right key will shoot the corresponding note from the staff. Your score increases every time you play a right key.

How you can play Paglano is explained in detail here.

Choose to play the game or to train your skills

First, decide if you want to play Paglano right away or if you want to train one or more levels first.

Play or train

Then choose 'low notes' to use left side of the keyboard. Or choose 'high notes' to use the right side. After that, the first level will start.

Choose left or right

Shoot the notes

Playing Paglano is easy. Just shoot the green note from the staff by playing the right key.

Shoot the right note

Use the tip

You can use a tip if you don't know which key to play. If you use a tip, the right key gets green. But it also costs you some scored points.

Use the tip Use the tip or don't use the tip Touch the green key

Check out your score

Finish a level and see if you've reached a new highscore.

Use the tip

Your shooting balls

When you start a new game, you'll get 5 fresh shooting balls. Touching a key on the piano will fire a shooting ball to the staff with a little white 'hammer'.

Every time you play a wrong key, you lose a shooting ball...

Your shooting balls

Sharps and flats

In the first level you are using the white keys only. But every time you enter a new level, there will be added one green sharp or one green flat. A sharp means that you have to play the key on the right of the white key. A flat means that you have to play the key on the left of the white key.

In the highest and most difficult level you have to play the notes with six sharps followed by six flats.

Sharps or flats

Limited time to shoot a note

A thin green bar indicates the time you have left to shoot a note. It gets smaller and smaller from right to left and turns slowly into red. When it's almost red, you really should hurry up!

After you have played all 7 levels successfuly, the game starts again in the first level. But now, the available time you have to shoot a note has become much shorter.

The thin green bar

Play for the stars!

If you play 7 levels without making a mistake and without using a tip, you earn a permanent star. You can earn up to 5 stars.


Bonus points

If you hit the right note and a green flying bonus at the same time, you will get extra bonus points. But watch out: if the flying bonus is red, you better not hit it.

Flyig bonus

Train your skills

You can train all the levels one by one before you jump into the game. Select the number of flats or sharps you want to pratice. And when you feel comfortable enough, just quit the training and go for that (new) highscore!


Playing piano

Being a good pianist includes being able to focus on a lot of things at once like the notes and chords to play, your technique and your sound for instance. And yes, being able to find the right notes quickly on your piano is one of these things.

There's a lot you can practice. Playing Paglano for piano gives you an easy and fun opportunity to make a small but smart step ahead in becoming a good pianist.

Don't spend too much time on something you can speed up easily!


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